On-board lighting is indispensable. Not just for bringing atmosphere into your boat, but also for keeping your boat well-visible in the dark. ARC Marine has a wide collection of nautical lamps, from interior lighting to navigation lights.

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Interior lighting to bring atmosphere into boats

Interior lighting has a practical function and it creates atmosphere at the same time. At ARC Marine you find both classical and modern interior lighting for boats. Varying from robust suspended lights and cosy lanterns to table lights with nautical motifs. These items perform as real eyecatchers in ship’s interiors. And in homes of course!

Navigation lights for safety on the water

Good navigation lights are musts for safety on board. They improve your visibility to other boats. Our collection includes top lights, board lights and heck lights by Italian brand Foresti & Suardi.

USB-rechargeable lamps

There are various USB-rechargeable lamps available. Take for instance the Barebones Railroad Lantern and the Human Comfort Cosy Lamp. They bring atmosphere, can be moved very easily and are suitable for use as table lamp or suspended light both indoors and outdoors. The Barebones Mini Edison Lantern has an optional battery power function.

The Barebones Nobox Globe Lantern is rechargeable, compact, lightweight and multi-purpose. This LED light may be suspended, carried, put on any surface and it even floats on water. And there is an alternative mini version: the Nobox Portable Mini Globe.

Need not just a lamp, but a wine cooler all-in-one? Then the Fenne Plus by Human Comfort is perfect for you. This elegant lamp creates atmosphere while keeping your drinks cold.

Ship’s lights that give off a nautical impression

In our web shop you find various ceiling and wall lights that may be mounted virtually anywhere to create a maritime atmosphere. In bathrooms or halls for instance, or outside.

Deck lights

ARC Marine is also the place to go for deck lights. Our collection includes a brass and chrome deck light by Foresti & Suardi.

Buy maritime lighting?

Nautical lights for on-board or home use are simply ordered from our on-line web shop. And of course you may also visit your nearest dealer.