Finish & Maintenance

Boat finishing and maintenance

In the pre- and late season many odd jobs are needed on board to ensure maximum boating enjoyment when the time comes. ARC Marine has everything needed for spic & span boat finishing and maintenance. Varying from grates and finishing sections to nameplates and cleansers, these products make for a stylish and radiant sail towards the horizon.

Our products

Grates for swimming plateaus, gangways and more

Would you prefer to make your own grate? Or rather buy ready-made? ARC Marine has various standard-sized grates for you to use for a variety of purposes. Gangways for instance, or shower grate, partition, swimming plateau, cockpit grate, railing fasteners and so on. Thanks to the direct contacts we have with teak plantations and joineries we can also make you a customised grate. If you send us a sketch that includes all measurements we can make you a fitting proposal. There are no additional costs involved in producing a made-to-measure grate, but please account for longer terms of delivery. 

Making your own grate

A DIY grate is another option. Making a DIY grate is easier than you think if you use ARC Marine teak sections. You need various grate components: a grate section, a rectangular section and an edge section. You can cut all of these with a handsaw and assemble them like a jigsaw. The standard section length is 122 cm, but we also have 180 cm ends. Sections come in three sizes: 12 x 12 mm, 18 x 18 mm and 24 x 24 mm.

Finishing sections for boats

ARC Marine is the place to go for teak sections and finishing sections. We are known worldwide for our high-quality ARC teak, eminently suited for boat finishing. A random overview of our product range:

  • Inside and outside angles;
  • Edge sections;
  • Angle sections;
  • Deck sections;
  • Round and square sections;
  • Door edge sections;
  • Handrail sections.

All of them teak and available in various sizes. If you order your wood sections online we deliver them to your home or boat.

Plugging screw holes

Our teak plugs are bestsellers. You can use them to hide screw holes from view. Visible screws in teak decks, closets, finishing sections and so on are a sorry sight. Using a teak plug to fill up screw holes means the end of them. These wood plugs are available in sizes ranging from 6, 8, 10 or 12 to 15 mm. Also available in 100 or 1,000 packs.

Made-to measure ventilation grate

Conditions may become damp on board. So ensure you have sufficient ventilation to expel moist. You can do so by installing deck vents and air scoops, but also by installing ventilation grates in closets, shower room and cockpit doors. ARC Marine has standard-size ventilation grates for boats, but you can also make made-to-measure louvered doors or ventilation grates. This is what you need:

  • Side rails: outlining the width and height of the ventilation grate or louvered door.
  • Laminate sections: to saw into the required lengths.
  • Pegs: to join end parts together.

Assembling a teakwood ventilation grate in the size you need is very simple. Just order the components from ARC Marine. Nearly everything can be delivered from stock.

Nameplate for your boat

Do you want your boat’s name displayed in style on your bow? ARC is known for its wooden nameplates for boats. Teakwood ship’s nameplates may be finished and adorned with self-adhesive or chrome plated brass lettering. The adhesive letters are made of self-adhesive aluminium and available in 3 and 5 cm size in gold and chrome colour. Brass letters are available in polished and chrome plated brass in 4 and 8 cm sizes. These letters are pre-drilled and may be screwed onto the ship’s nameplate. So you can compose your own nameplate.