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Ventilation cowls

Proper ventilation on board is of utmost importance, especially in closed compartments. You may for instance mount a ventilation cowl on top of your cockpit for proper air circulation.

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The importance of proper ventilation

A boating environment inevitably comes with a good amount of moisture which may result in fungus growth and mould forming. Apart from making a dirty impression this may also create an unhealthy living environment and damage your boat. Problems like these can be prevented by adequate ventilation.

Natural ventilation

Ventilation cowls are designed in such a way as to provide natural ventilation on board. Natural ventilation occurs when air is supplied and carried off by way of a permanent opening on board. Ventilation cowls bring a permanent flow of lovely fresh air into your cockpit.

Ventilation cowl for your boat

ARC Marine ventilation cowls are available in various materials. It depends on your boat type if you opt for a chrome or brass variant.

Outside water protection

You may mount a dorade box underneath the ventilation cowl to prevent (sea)water and ocean spray from entering the cowl and room below. Our range of products also includes a teak dorade box.

Buy a ventilation cowl?

ARC Marine ventilation cowls are available from stock and may simply be ordered online. Our products are also available by way of our specialised dealers network. Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate and contact us without any obligation involved!