Deck chests

You can use a deck chest to put away ropes and fenders in a neat and orderly way. Or to move objects out of the way that should not be lying about on your boat. 

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Deck chests in various designs and sizes

ARC Marine has various storage chests in a diversity of sizes. The block grid rope chest has large dimensions: 86 x 46,5 x 44,5 cm / 33.9 x 18.3 x 17.5 in (L x W x H) and radiates luxury. We also have a slatted chest in a small, medium and large variant. For use on deck the bottom frame of the chest is constructed in such a way that the chest can conform to the rounded slope of the deck surface.

Best quality

ARC Marine deck chests are supreme quality. They are made of natural, unoiled teak and have a high-grade finish. Teak lasts, and is a strong, weather resistant and maintenance-friendly wood species. With their open structure, the chests moreover allow a sufficient degree of ventilation so that items inside can dry thoroughly without getting clammy.

Suitable for all kinds of purposes

Deck chests are by origin designed for putting away ropes and fenders on board ships. But they are also ideal for storing small items like sailing boots, sleets and covers. This way you will keep things neat and hidden from view. What’s more, our deck chests with their robust lid and strong construction may also serve as sitting benches. And they are regular showpieces; not only on boats but also in home interiors or gardens.

Buy a teak deck chest?

You may simply order a fine teak storage deck chest from our web shop. Or simply go to one of our specialised nearby dealers.