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Pan sets

Due to limited space on board, on stoves or in galleys, cooking may be a challenge at the best of times. ARC Marine has a collection of compact pans and pan sets to enable you to simply prepare a delicious dish.

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Stackable pan sets by Marine Business

With its clever design, the Marine Business Kitchen pan set stores as a compact unit. All pans namely are stacked into the largest pan. Perfect for use on board or campsites. All pans are made of high-grade stainless steel and may be used on any heat source: gas, ceramic, even induction. We have a 7-piece and an 11-piece set available.

Omnia oven for use on stoves

With an Omnia you create your own oven on top of your stove for preparing bake-off rolls and delicious oven dishes. This is an oven that works like any other oven and great solution for use on board! It’s not for nothing that the Omnia is also known as wonder pan.

Another option is the 5-piece value set consisting of a grate, silicone baking mould, cover bag, pot holders and last not least the Omnia oven itself.

You may increase the many using options of your Omnia by adding numerous accessories like a muffin mould, duple silicone mould and non-stick baking mould.

Compact Boaties pans

The Boaties frying pan makes efficient use of your stove surface, so it is an indispensable item on board. Its square shape guarantees maximum cooking surface, since the pan uses the entire space covering the burner without projecting over towards adjacent burners. It may be used for baking, braising, grilling, frying and roasting. The lid is separately available. With the Boaties oven pan you may first prepare dishes on your stove before heating them in the oven afterwards. This pan takes up a minimum amount of space too.

Buy pans for use on board?

Pans for boats are simply ordered from our web shop. And of course you are also welcome to visit one of our dealers.