Winch blocks

Teakwood winch pads

You can mount winch pads to provide your sailboat winches with a solid base. At ARC Marine you find solid teakwood winch pads in various sizes. The size you need depends on your winch diameter. Other options are a slanting or straight winch pad. 

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Straight or slanting winch pad?

Apart from furniture and accessories ARC Marine has everything for perfect boat finishing and maintenance. For instance a large collection of teak finishing sections, ventilation grates, block grids, plugs, ship’s nameplates and winch pads. 

A winch needs a firm base because of the intense pressure put on it. A teakwood winch pad provides the solution here. They come in two variants: straight and slanting. The variant you need depends on the slanting degree of your deck. A slanting deck requires a slanting winch pad for compensation. It ensures the straight upright position of your winch for better and simpler operation. A straight pad is required for straight, horizontal decks. Our winch pads are made of solid high-grade finished teak with rounded edges. A breath-taking combination with a teak deck! Our winch pads are available in various sizes. You will find the specifications indicated with the product. 

ARC Marine: teak for watersports

ARC teak is known worldwide for its quality, high-grade finish and looks. We have a wide range of boating accessories and furniture for the watersport market. We are also the place-to-be if you want to finish your boat with teak. All our products can be ordered online from our web shop, or you can call at a nearby dealer. As our spacious warehouse in Lelystad the Netherlands stores nearly all our products, we can generally deliver from stock. Each of our products indicates if it is in store and readily available.