Teakwood block grids for boats

Block grids give your boat an even more nautical touch. They are moreover very functional. The grids namely carry off excess water and as such they come in handy in various places on board. Like in your shower cabin, but also in your cockpit or cabin or as swimming plateau. ARC Marine has ready-made block grids and block grids that you can compose and construct yourself.

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Round, square or rectangular teakwood block grids

ARC Marine is the place-to-be if you are searching for teakwood for your boat. Apart from teakwood furniture and accessories we also have teak finishing sections, louvre doors, steps and stairs and more teak products for meticulous boat finishing. Our teak block grids are used by shipyards as well as private customers for constructing components like swimming plateaus, gangways, shower grates and cabin grids. We have grids in various forms and sizes; round, square and rectangular. Rectangular grates are often used for gangways, while round and square grates are ideal for bathrooms. In our product range you will also find a block grid sized 120x80 cm for you to saw down to the size you require. Another option is a DIY block grid.

Teak block grids made to measure

Using ARC Marine teakwood sections and profiles makes it easy for you to construct your own made-to-measure block grid. In that case you need various profiles and sections: a block grid section, a rectangular section and an edge section. You can saw them down to the required length and assemble them like puzzle. Each section has a standard length of 122 cm, but we have sections in 180 cm lengths as well. Teak sections are available in three different sizes: 12x12 mm, 18x18 mm and 24x24 mm. Made-to-measure block grids like these are ideal for constructing a swimming plateau or platform for instance. 

Buying teakwood for boats online

ARC Marine is known for its large collection of teakwood boat products. Our top-quality teak is used by shipyards and boat owners all over the world. Order your teak accessories, finishing sections, profiles and block grids in our online watersport store or call at one of our dealers.