Finishing sections

Teak finishing sections for boats

Finishing your boat with profiled teak sections will give your cockpit and cabin a well-organised, stylish appearance. ARC Marine has a wide range of finishing sections which can be used for a great variety of purposes. Like finishing table top edges, floors, closets, bunks, stairs and more.

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Various types of ARC teak finishing sections

The type of section you need entirely depends on its intended function.
Just a random selection from our collection:

  • Teak edge section: these are for instance finishing sections for table top edges. The edge prevents glasses from sliding off the table top.
  • U-sections: for instance edge sections and sections used for hiding electric wiring from view.
  • Round sections: to make flagpoles for instance. You can also find a flagpole clamp in our watersport web shop.
  • Straight sections: for instance teak deck sections and handrail sections.
  • Peg rail: this classical section with its elegant pegs prevents items from falling from closets or open containers.
  • Frame sections: to make built-in closets in cabins or cockpit look fine. 

As all sections are available in varying sizes, you are advised to prepare you order carefully. In our ‘Finish & Maintenance’ category you also find other finishing products for boats like teak plugs for hiding screw holes from view, block grids, ventilation grids, teak steps, handrails and more.

Ordering teak sections and frames online

ARC Marine is an international wholesale watersports business. From our large warehouse in Lelystad, the Netherlands, we ship products to distributors, shipyards, watersport stores, boatowners, hotels and other catering and entertainment establishments worldwide. Would you like to order your teak sections online? Most of our teak finishing sections measure 200 cm. We make sure that they are properly packed for shipping. And of course you can always collect them at a nearby dealer