Ship's bells

Brass and chrome ship’s bells

A ship’s bell is a classical complement to your sailboat, motor boat or sloop. ARC Marine has chrome and brass ship’s bells in various sizes. These ship’s classics also add a special touch to for instance a pub or your own home. Just order your ship’s bell online, or see one of our dealers.

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Classical boat accessories

Ship’s bells were once used to announce the time for the ship’s watch. The bell was sounded each half hour. The ship’s watch was relieved after eight soundings, so after 4 hours. Crew members would also sound the bell in fog or danger. The clapper rope is also named ‘allemansend’ (all men’s rope end). This boat accessory is now used mainly for decorative and ornamental purposes. A brass or chrome ship’s bell adds a deluxe touch to your ship. You can hang a bell for instance next to your nameplate. We have bells in the following sizes: 

  • Brass ship’s bell: 7.5 cm, 15 cm and 17.5 cm
  • Chrome ship’s bell: 21 cm and 30 cm

Our chrome ship’s bell is a fine alternative for stainless steel ship’s bells. Made of chrome-plated brass, this is a high-grade, solid bell. All ship’s bells include a suspension system for wall mounting.

Tip for a present! Are you considering giving a valuable present to a watersport enthusiast? Order a chrome or brass ship’s bell to be engraved with the name and the launching date of the ship.

Ship’s bell for pubs, schools or homes

Ship’s bells come in handy. Not just on board, but also at home. Sounding the bell to summon everybody up for dinner for instance. Our ship’s bells are also used as pub bells, school bells or front door bells. Last not least: you can use brass or chrome polish if you want to restore your bell to its original lustre after prolonged use.

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