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Folding tables for boats

Folding tables are ideal for use on boats. They are easily removed to enable optimal use of the normally limited walking space on board. As each ship is different we propose a highly varied collection, ranging from small cockpit tables to spacious dinner tables. This way you will always find a suitable model. All our folding tables are made of high-grade teak.

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Specialised in teak furniture

ARC Marine is known all the world over for its large collections of products for boats, like folding tables for instance. Made of high-grade teak, these tables easily withstand the sometimes fierce and bumpy conditions on board. Of course these tables are also fit for use in gardens and outdoor terraces. With their smart design they fold into a compact unit that is easily stored in your cockpit chest.

Height-adjustable folding tables: ideal for both drinks and dinners

With a teak folding table you can create a snug dinner corner anywhere you like on board. We have folding tables in many different sizes and models. As many of these models are adjustable in height they may be used for on-board drinks but also for dinners. Our most compact model is the Southampton. Its top is composed of two sections that may be pulled apart and folded down, after which the table carries like a suitcase. There is a separately available midsection that may be inserted in between the two sections named above to create a larger and taller table, ideal for dinners.

An oiled or unoiled folding table?

Folding tables for boats are available either oiled or unoiled. An oil finish gives the item a deluxe image. The oil finish will however fade and vanish in the passage of time, but you may treat your furniture yourself using ARC Marine teak oil. Do you mainly use your table outdoors? In that case you are advised to choose the unoiled variant, since rain and sea spray will affect and impair the oil layer. Unoiled tables require little maintenance and have a natural look that gives off a fine impression anywhere. But teakwood turns greyish with the passage of time. If you should wish to restore the original warm colour we recommend using Dulon products.

Buy a teak folding table for your boat?

A teak folding table for your boat is simply ordered from our online web shop. But of course you are also welcome for a visit to one of our dealers.