Teak steps, cockpit stairs and jetty stairs

At ARC Marine you find fine teakwood swimming pool steps, cockpit stairs and a deck step for easy (dis)embarkation. Our teak cockpit stairs have handrails on either side so that you can safely enter or exit the cockpit. All our steps and stairs are ordered easily and quickly from our watersport web shop or a nearby dealer.

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Teak step

You can use our swimming pool steps to construct swimming pool stairs on your boat. These are teakwood boards with pre-drilled holes and anti-skid grooves. Our teak steps come in two variants:  

  • Flat-based swimming pool step: mounted on a flat surface. Steps measure 26 x 4.8 cm.
  • Round-based swimming pool step: mounted for instance on stainless steel swimming pool stairs with rounded steps. The teak steps prevent you from skidding on the slippery round tubes. Swimming pool steps for round tubes come in 22 or 25 cm diameter tube variants in 20 or 30 cm lengths.

Searching for a swimming pool plateau? You can construct a made-to-measure plateau from our teak block grid sections.

Teak cockpit stairs

Cockpits are often in lower positions. You can bridge this gap in height by using cockpit stairs. This makes your passage to and from the cockpit easier and safer. There are profiled handrails on either side of the stairs to hold on to. Made of high-grade teak, ARC Marine cockpit stairs are available in 2, 3, 4 or 5-step variants. Each products indicates its corresponding measurements.

Safe (dis)embarkation

Getting on and off board demands a certain degree of care. ARC Marine has practical accessories that help you embark more easily and safely. By using a deck step for instance that you can mount on the spot you usually use for getting on board. The deck step is a teak board, grooved to prevent skidding. Fixing jetty steps makes it easier for you to bridge the gap in height between the jetty and the bow of your ship. Teak jetty stairs are notably indispensable when you must carry items on board. And to make things even easier we also have gangways in our collection.