At ARC Marine you will find wooden decorative masts for the motorboat of our own brand. In addition, we have a mast with a circular top light from Foresti & Suardi, in chrome.

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Wooden mast for motorboats

Ornamental wooden masts for motorboats are for instance used for suspending navigation lights or flying flags. ARC Marine has teak motorboat masts in 75, 110 and 140 cm lengths. 

ARC Marine motorboat masts are made of high-grade teakwood. As each ornamental mast, or light pole is provided with a slit you can insert your navigation light cords to beautifully hide them from view. As the mast is slightly slanted your boat retains its streamline. The horizontal platform is the base for your navigation and top lights. You can also suspend a flag line between the extremities of the horizontal platform and the base of your mast. You can use this line for instance for hanging a ‘geuzen’ or guest flag. You can easily lower your ornamental mast when you pass underneath a bridge or want to put your boat in winter storage.

The wooden motorboat mast is also suitable as ornamental mast on a flatboat, sloop or cabin boat. You can order the mast online from our watersport web shop. If we have your preferred mast in store we can usually ship the same day

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