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Teak chests and closets for boats

You can use our teak chests and closets to store medicines, toiletries and other small items. We have two types of chests and closets: a medicine chest with a mirrored door and a bathroom closet with a louvre door. Our chests and closets are available in two sizes: 38x28 cm and 45.5x33 cm. You can also combine our chests and closets mutually.

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Teak medicine chest

Your on-board bathroom or ‘wet cell’ is often cramped and damp. For safe and dry medicine and toiletries storage outside children’s reach you can mount ARC Marine teak chests to the wall. As all closet doors are equipped with strong magnetic catches they do not suddenly open in heavy seas. Our medicine chest is multi-functional thanks to its mirrored door. No more need for you to hang a separate mirror in this already small space. Its brass-coloured hinges give our mirrored teak closet a special, chic touch.

Teak bathroom closet

Our teak medicine chest and bathroom closet can be combined by hanging them side by side. This way you create a great amount of extra storage room. The louvre door of our teakwood bathroom closet ensures sufficient ventilation to prevent items inside from turning clammy. ARC Marine chests and closets are made of unprocessed teak. As teak is moisture-resistant you may happily use it in your bathroom. If you like, you can oil or paint your chests yourself. Take note however: when you use an oiled or lacquered chest in a damp space you must re-oil of re-paint it at regular intervals to maintain its even lustre. To complete the nautical look of your ship you can combine your chests and closets with our teak bathroom accessories.

Of course our teak chests and closets are also fit for use in other spaces on board, like galleys, cabins, cockpits or bathrooms. 

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