Teak handles

Teak handgrips and rails for boats

Mounting handgrips is essential for ensuring safety on board. ARC Marine supplies teak handrails and handgrips to the international watersport market. Our varied range contains 1- to 10-grip teak handrails with nice rounded edges. 

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Mounting teak handrails and handgrips

Like to replace your old teak handgrips? Chances are that your old grips have the same size as our teak handgrips, so that you can use the same screw holes. As rails are mounted from underneath you will see no screw holes from above. Our classic rails come in 1- to 10-grip versions. If mounting from underneath is impossible we have an alternative. These grips are mounted from above and you can fill the screw holes using the teak plugs provided. Teak plugs are also separately available. You can mount these handgrips near your cockpit stairs, gangboards and other steps to ensure your guests a proper hold.