Ventilation for boats

On board you have a good deal of moisture to cope with. So proper ventilation is essential. At ARC Marine we have a wide range of teakwood ventilation grids and air scoops for optimum ventilation of all rooms and spaces on board. 

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Teak ventilation grids 

Plastic ventilation grids are a sorry sight when your boat is finished with teak. For this reason ARC Marine has teak ventilation grids in various forms and sizes. Our collection contains:

  • Built-in ventilation grid: a universal built-in model for ventilation of closets and indoor spaces. Available in a square and rectangular version and in various sizes.
  • Ventilation grid for fridges and so on: you can use this grid as air inlet/outlet for fridges and other (kitchen) equipment. This grid is available in various sizes as well.
  • Detachable ventilation grid: this ventilation grid has a frame attached by way of hinges and a ball catch. So this grid can be opened for additional ventilation or access to the space behind. Ideal!
  • Round ventilation grid: built-in ventilation grid for mounting in doors, walls or ceilings of damp rooms and spaces like bathrooms.

When you need a large ventilation grid you may construct a made-to-measure louvre door or Venetian shutter for proper ventilation of your wet cell or sailing clothes closet for instance. In our web shop you will find all the components you need.

Air scoops: chrome and brass

An air scoop lets in outside air and expels (moist) air. To prevent (sea) water penetrating the air scoop, you may fix a dorade cabinet underneath the air scoop. At ARC Marine we have brass and chrome air scoops. The teak dorade cabinet is optionally available.

ARC Marine: teak & more

ARC Marine delivers teak furniture, accessories and boat finishing products worldwide. All our products are superbly finished. You will find our products at a nearby dealer or in our web shop. As we store most of our products in our large warehouse in Lelystad the Netherlands, we can nearly always deliver from stock so you will find your order at your doorstep at very short notice.