Interior lights

Lights to bring atmosphere on board

A fine interior lighting plan instantly brings atmosphere on boats and gives an impression of luxury. Fitting lights in your boat interior also has its practical aspects of course. ARC Marine has a collection of traditional and modern indoor lighting of supreme quality.

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Traditional indoor lighting by Foresti & Suardi

The classical table lamps with nautical motifs by Italian brand Foresti & Suardi instantly transform your cockpit or boat interior into a stylish and snug environment. Of course they do equally well in living rooms or bedrooms at home. Rather have no print instead? Then the chrome-finish Bollard lamp may be a good idea. We also have fine brass or chrome hanging lamps by this brand. Acting as real eyecatchers in your interior!

USB-rechargeable lights for a cosy room

The Cosy Lamp Florac by Human Comfort gives off a warm, soft-tone LED light that may be adjusted to your liking. Where its drop shape provides a firm stand, this lamp may also be suspended from its silicone handle. Lightweight and compact, the Florac is easily moved and carried to another place. All these features, added by its IP44 water resistance, make this design lamp suitable for outdoor use as well. It is easily recharged by the USB-cable provided, and burns circa 6-8 hours on a full load.

The metal storm light Yutz is USB-rechargeable as well. A unique feature of this lamp is its flickering option resembling candle light. The lamp may also be set to give off continuous light in varying intensities. Yutz is both ideal for boats and for home or garden use.

The Barebones Nobox Globe Lantern is another regular atmosphere maker. This multi-purpose lamp gives off a soft-tone, warm light. It may be suspended, moved and positioned anywhere and it can even float in water. And there is a smaller option in the shape of the Portable Mini Globe Light.

Buy lights to bring atmosphere on board?

Our interior lights for boats are simply available from our on-line web shop, or you may visit your nearest dealer.