Also named boat hook, a pick is an indispensable item on board. This practical aid may be used in various situations, like mooring or trying to retrieve items that fell overboard. ARC Marine has a collection of fine, strong picks made of teak or Nyatoh, a tropical hardwood species. They are available in various lengths.

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Multifunctional aid on sailing trips

A pick is a convenient and easy help in awkward situations. When mooring on or off near jetties or locks for instance, a pick may come in as a welcome relief. When you are not close enough to the jetty or lock gate to be able to throw your mooring line around a cleat or bollard, you just pull your boat to the shore using your pick. A pick is also very practical during short waits near a lock. In that case you may hold on to the jetty without steadying your boat with a line. Picks are also very suitable for hauling a lifebuoy or dog out of the water (the latter by hooking it into its lifejacket). We recommend you keep your boat hook within easy reach at all times with a view to safe and smooth rescuing procedures.

Picks from ARC Marine

ARC Marine has Nyatoh picks and teak picks in a variety of shapes and designs. We have fitting models for small sloops and medium-sized ships. You may choose between 1.5 and 2m lengths and brass or chrome hooks. The sticks have a deluxe look and are easily put away on your boat hanging from a boat hook clamp.

Buy a boat hook?

A high-quality boat hook is simply ordered from our on-line web shop. And of course your nearest dealer will also welcome your visit.