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Hatches, doors and accessories for boats

Apart from teak furniture and accessories ARC has door hangings, fittings and hinges for boats. Like hatch rings, locks, finger rings, door hinges, door stoppers, cabin hooks, closet door knobs and more. We also offer a complete kit for drawer fronts and a custom louvre door. Here you can find out more about our teak (louvre) doors, hatches and accessories.

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(Louvre) doors and drawer fronts

Do you need teak louvre doors? At ARC Marine you can make your own custom louvre door for your boat. For this you need side rails, slat sections, end pieces and pegs. You can cut everything to size yourself and make your own louvre door this way. Louvre doors are convenient for on-board use because the slats allow for sufficient ventilation. Wet sailing gear does not get clammy when hung in a properly ventilated closet like this. Be sure to check out our ventilation grids as well. Our ready-made louvre door-with-frame may for instance be used as inspection hatch or for shutting your built-in closets on board.

Apart from louvre doors you find teak drawer fronts in sizes 30.5 x 15.2 cm and 38 x 17.8 cm. They come with a teak frame. 

Door fittings for boats

You need proper door fittings for boats to open a drawer or door on board. Take for instance finger rings. They are available in brass and teak and in various sizes. We also have a wide range of closet door knobs in chrome and brass in varying diameters. These door knobs are a perfect match with teak and add an extra sense of luxury to your boat interior.

To prevent doors banging when you are out at sea, door stoppers surely are a good idea. In our watersport web shop you find a magnetic door stopper and a spring variant. Your door will remain well-locked that way.

Door and closet bolts and locks for boats

Opening and closing doors, hatches and closets becomes a lot easier when you use special boat fittings. Our fittings include:

  • Hatch rings: for easier opening and closing of floor hatches. ARC Marine has a wide range of chrome and brass hatch rings for water sports in various sizes.
  • Catches and bolts: when you set out to sea your (closet) doors may start banging. This may be prevented by fixing boat locks on your doors. Like a push-button lock, ball roller catch, hinge lock or cabin hook.
  • Porthole lock: to properly secure your porthole you can mount a special porthole lock. Available from our online watersport store as well.

Hinges for boats

Our watersport web shop has door hinges, hinges for folding tables and hinges for louvre doors. In both brass and chrome. You can use a boat table hinge for (un)folding a teak table top

You can order your door fittings, hinges, catches, bolts and locks and other boat fittings online from us. When your product is in store it usually ships the same day.