Swim step

Swim steps

Your boat or yacht just is not complete without proper swim stairs that allow you to climb back on board safely and in comfort. ARC Marine has a collection of fine teak swim steps.

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Improved comfort and safety

A refreshing dive into the water is the ultimate way to cool down on a glorious summer day. Where in most cases diving in is no problem, getting back on board may be tricky indeed. Therefore you are advised to fix swim stairs to your boat. Apart from improved comfort and ease they also provide safety. An inadvertent person who falls overboard will in this way find it easy to climb back on board.

Improved comfort for existing swim stairs

We suggest that you add comfort to your existing swim stairs by mounting steps. We have a flat-base model and a model provided with a rounded base.

Are you looking for a swim plateau? You may cut it to size yourself using our grated teak sections and profiles.

Flat-base swim step

Our flat-base swim step may be mounted on a flat surface anywhere near the stern of your boat. It measures 26 x 4.8 cm (10.2 x 0.19 in) and has pre-drilled screw holes. Its grooved surface ensures a good grip and prevents you from skidding.

Semi-round-base swim step

The semi-round-base swim step can be attached to a tube. We have 22- or 25-cm (8.7 or 9.8 in) models depending on whether you have 22- or 25-cm diameter tubes. This step also has a grooved surface to prevent skidding.

High-grade teak swim steps

Our swim steps are made of teak; a gem among wood species. It is strong, weather-resistant and lasting. Made of unoiled teak, the steps have a natural look and require very little maintenance.

Buy swim steps for your boat?

Swim steps for boats are simply ordered from our on-line web shop. And of course our dealers will also be happy to welcome you in person.