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Did you know that you are obliged to fly a country flag when sailing out? Flags are flown from the ship’s heck from a flagpole attached to a flagpole mount. At ARC Marine you find various flagpoles for boats, including teak flagpoles and brass and chrome flagpole mounts. You can order these boat accessories online in our watersport web shop or from a dealer nearby.

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Flagpole for boats

Apart from the obligation of flying a flag when out, a flag flown from the heck of a ship makes a fine sight. Flags must be replaced in time, because flying a faded, worn or torn flag goes against flag etiquette. Although the choice for a flagpole is not subject to rules and regulations, the size of the flag and the flagpole must be in proportion with the boat. It is important to know that the flag must stay clear from the water at all times. ARC Marine has various flagpoles:

  • Teak flagpole: adds a classic touch to your sloop, motorboat or sailboat. We have wooden flagpoles in sizes varying from 40 cm to 150 cm. Choose a small size when you need a ‘geuzen’ flagpole.
  • Chrome flagpole: you can choose between a chrome flagpole with rail mount and a flagpole with a base. Lengths vary from 35 cm to 100 cm. Flagpoles are made of chrome-plated brass, which makes them a chic alternative for aluminium flagpoles.

Flagpole mount for boats

When you want to fly a flag from your boat, the flagpole diameter counts. It must conform to the diameter of the flagpole mount [LINK]. We have chrome and brass flagpole mounts in three sizes: 1.6 cm, 2 cm and 2.5 cm. To hang the flag from the flagpole you need a flagpole clamp. Usually they are mounted to the flagpole, but they can if necessary be ordered separate at ARC Marine.

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