Pick hooks, clamps & cleats for safe mooring

Using the right deck fittings makes mooring easier and safer. At ARC Marine you find cleats, clamps and bollards in various sizes and materials like teak, brass and chrome. A (teak) pick hook, or boat hook, is another indispensable mooring tool that makes it easier for you to fasten your rope or line around a bollard. Here you can see all our handy boating accessories for safe mooring and (dis)embarking.

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Chrome, brass and wooden cleats for boats

Cleats and bollards are used for securing hawsers, ropes and lines. They are mounted on the boat deck, or possibly the jetty or boardwalk of your home marina or port. Do you have a teak deck? At ARC Marine you find teakwood cleats in sizes varying from 10 to 30 cm. They are a fine match with your deck. Our teak cleats come with plugs to hide their screw holes from view. In addition to teak cleats we also have chrome and brass cleats, clamps and bollards in various sizes. Just a random selection:

  • Flagpole cleat: mounted on the flagpole and used for fly a flag.
  • Jetty cleat: mounting chrome, brass or wooden cleats adds a chic touch to your home port box.
  • Folding clamp: this clamp can fold into your deck surface.
  • Bow clamps: used to conduct hawsers, ropes or lines to cleats or bollards.

Our cleats, clamps and bollards can be mounted to sailboats, motor boats or sloops. You can order these deck fittings quickly and simply from our watersport web shop. When the product is in store we can usually ship the same day.

Pick hooks/boating hooks

Using a pick hook or boating hook makes it easier for you to lay a line or rope around a bollard. We have nyatoh and teakwood pick hooks in 1.5 and 2 m lengths. Other options for hooks are chrome or brass.

To conclude there is a teak deck step for easier and safer (dis)embarkation. This wooden plank - grooved to prevent skidding – is mounted on the spot you use for getting on board. Also check out our swimming pool and cabin steps.