Teak boat tables of all types and sizes

Are you searching for a suitable table for your boat? ARC Marine has a large collection of boat tables. Varying from small cockpit tables to generous foldable dining tables. As many ARC teak tables are adjustable in height, they can be used for dining or just drinks. All boat tables in our collection fold and tuck away easily in your cockpit chest or closet.

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Folding tables: from side table to foldable dining table

You can easily create snug on-board dining nooks all over your ship when you use a teakwood folding table. We store the largest collection of folding tables in many models and sizes. Our dinner tables for instance have a foldable support provided with 2 or 3 height positions. So our folding tables may be used for meals or just drinks. Our most compact model is Southampton. Its top consists of two components separated by pulling before folding down. The table can then be carried like a suitcase. The optionally available centre piece can be inserted in between the two table top components, giving a higher and larger table ideal for dining.

Teak table tops

Space in your cockpit or cabin is often cramped. You can make optimal use of this limited space with our detachable table tops. Table tops like these namely are easily taken off and put away. Our table tops are available in solid teak or teakwood veneer and come in many sizes. The smallest top measures 65 x 35 cm; the largest 125 x 80 cm.

Adjustable table legs

It is up to you to decide what leg to put under your table top. We have height-adjustable telescopic table legs, but also non-adjustable aluminium table legs that you can click into a built-in or built-on base. These are also found on our web site. Another possibility is to attach your table top to your helm stand. In that case you use our steering column attachment set. This is found on our web site as well. It makes it possible for you to easily fold your table top down when not in use. Folding cockpit tables like these are ideal for sailing yachts.

The difference between oiled and unoiled tables

Many of our teak boat tables come in both oiled and unoiled variants. Oiled tables have a subtle lustre and a slightly darker colour than unoiled teak tables. Although an oiled table can be used indoors and outdoors as well, it must be re-oiled at regular intervals when used outside. As unoiled tables are unprocessed, they are eminent for use outside. Unprocessed teak however turns greyish with the passage of time. If you want to restore your teak to its original lustre you can use a special teak cleaner.

Using teak tables outside

Teak is a very durable hardwood species that you can happily use outdoors. Certainly when you choose to have unoiled teak, little maintenance is required from you. Many of our teak ship’s tables and table tops have a block grid or slatted top to drain off rain water.

All ARC Marine teakwood boat tables can be ordered online and delivered at your home or even your ship’s berth.