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The Omnia is ideal for use on board or on campsites. This handy little pan transforms into an oven when you put it on a gas stove, spirits burner or electric cooking plate. This way you can always enjoy hot croissants and savoury tarts. And you get even better using comfort with the separately available Omnia accessories.

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Basic set accessories for the ultimate in cooking pleasure

With the Omnia basic set you can instantly start making the loveliest dishes. The set contains a stainless steel stand, aluminium lid, baking mould, practical carrier bag and four surprising recipes. But think again: how great would it be if you could also enjoy freshly-baked muffins and pizza on board? All this is also possible when you use the separately available accessories.

Big choice in Omnia accessories

There are various accessories, from a non-stick baking mould and oven grid to a maxi pan and muffin baking mould.

Food caking to the pan bottom belongs to the past when you use the non-stick baking mould and the grid is ideal for delicacies like rolls, pizzas and baked potatoes. And if you pour some water below the grid you may also stew greens and fish for instance. Tarts and cakes are prepared very easily in the silicone baking mould and the duple baking mould helps you out when you want to prepare two different dishes in one go. Will you be cooking for more persons? Then use the maxi pan. And there is the special muffin mould and the foil mould in which you may heat a dish that you prepared in advance.

Omnia cooking book as a source of inspiration

Are you fancying a delightful oven dish, but do you lack inspiration? Then the Omnia cooking book comes to your rescue. With its 46 recipes it will no doubt bring you delicious ideas. Each recipe is of course accompanied by an attractive picture and handy suggestions are shared. This makes cooking in the Omnia oven even simpler and still more marvellous.

Optimal temperature with the Omnia thermometer

Preparing a well-cooked dish at the right temperature in the Omnia oven may prove to be a challenge. For this reason a stylish thermometer is available. From now on you can simply verify - and if necessary adjust - the temperature of the cooking or baking process.

Finishing touch

The finishing touch for any Omnia chef is this great burgundy-red cooking apron with pan holders to match! And as soon as your meal is ready you may present it on the fine bamboo stand.