Floor mats

Floor mats for boats

A floor mat with a nautical motif is the perfect complement to your on-board bathroom, caravan or home interior. On deck it is an ideal solution for drying your feet after a refreshing dive. We have a fine collection of floor mats by reputed brand Marine Business.

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Various colours and nautical motifs

There is a fine nautical floor mat designed to match any bathroom. For instance a blue mat with a coral print and a beige mat with little anchors on it.

Comfortable and anti-slip

It is a lovely experience finding yourself standing dry and warm on a comfortable Marine Business bathroom mat. A mat, moreover, which is not bound to slide thanks to its anti-slip base.

Combining to make up a fine, matching whole

Floor mats by Marine Business make great combinations with other textile items, like handtowels. You may go for the same design, or mix & match. Continuing the nautical style creates a fine overall bathroom interior.

Buy a nautical bathroom mat?

A nautical bathroom mat with a maritime look is simply ordered from our web shop. And of course you are more than welcome to visit one of our dealers.