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On-board storage: teakwood boat accessories

ARC Marine has a large collection of teakwood boxes for you to store your items in style, ocean-proof, saving space on top. Varying from binocular holder to magazine rack. And for your mobile phone we have a handy storage box that can be secured in your cockpit for instance. Discover our full collection of teakwood accessories for on-board use here.

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Teakwood boat accessories for use in the cockpit, galley & more

The seas may get really turbulent at times. Before you realise, your magazines, books, maps, toiletries, navigation instruments and glasses are tossed all over the cockpit. And especially on board you are not waiting for clutter and sharp fragments lying all over the place. ARC Marine has the solution in the shape of more than 150 different boxes and containers for ocean-proof storage. Varying from glass hanging racks for use in the galley to bathroom toothbrush holders. ARC Marine teakwood boxes and containers belong to the standard equipment of each sailing boat and motor yacht.

On-board cooking: teak racks for use in the galley 

Wine glass holder, cocktail glass rack, cup rack, cutlery tray, kitchen roll holder, plate rack and much more. We even have a wooden coffee cup holder! We have a fitting storage rack for all your on-board needs. Also the unbreakable dinner services by Marine Business can be stored in the teakwood containers. Putting your dinner services, glasses and cutlery in racks will save you lots of space in normally cramped galley conditions.

Teakwood bathroom accessories

Bathrooms on board often consist of a toilet, shower and washbasin all in one. Such a limited space demands smart bathroom accessories. At ARC Marine you find teakwood towel rings, toilet roll holders, toothbrush holders, mirrors, shower racks, soap basins and more. We even have a teakwood toilet seat to bring on harmony. The clever design of your bathroom accessories prevents your toiletries from dropping down while at sea.

Navigation racks, binocular holders and more: for clutter-free navigation

Your navigation table may well be the most important place on board. Large maps and navigation tools like a compass, binoculars and pairs of compasses make a chaotic sight and may obstruct quick action when establishing your course. When you use the ARC Marine teakwood storing boxes you will have a fitting place for all your navigation items and tools. Our product range contains for instance a mini navigator for storing a pair of compasses and pens, and a GPS holder, binocular holder for Steiners and other brands, a multi-purpose navigation rack and a teakwood flag cabinet.

Sloop accessories: holders for iPad, mugs, wine glasses and more

Our teakwood storing boxes are very convenient for use in sailboat, motor boat or sloop cockpits. There is for instance a telephone and iPad holder and we have mug, glass or wine bottle holders. As all boxes are made of teak they are fit for outdoor use. Good to know: ARC Marine also has foldable mug holders/(wine)glass holders that save space when not in use. These foldable teakwood holders are found especially in sloops.

Boat chests for ropes, lines, fenders and shoes

Apart from teak storing boxes we also have teak chests in various sizes. They are used for storing ropes, lines, fenders and shoes. You may choose between blockgrid or slated chests. Thanks to their open structure, our chests provide sufficient ventilation to allow their contents to dry. Chests may also serve as sitting bunks.

Come to ARC Marine when you are looking for on-board (or home) teak accessories. We have been worldwide suppliers of teakwood boat accessories for more than forty years. Just order your teak holder online and we will be happy to arrange on-board or home delivery.