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ARC Marine is the place to go for equipping and finishing boats. Handgrips, hatches, flags, teak sections, swimming pool steps and much more. Our range contains thousands of products for preparing your boat for a new sailing season.

Our products

Teak handgrips

ARC Marine has a wide range of teak handrails available in 1 to 10-grip versions. These teak handgrips can be mounted in all positions on board to give you a firm hold when crossing your boat from starboard to port for instance. ARC is known worldwide for its large collection of teak accessories. Apart from handrails we also sell louvre doors, drawer fronts, finger rings, cleats and much more. ARC teak is supreme quality and you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Safety on board: from steps and stairs to door catches and locks 

Sailing is not without risk. The constant motion of your ship at sea makes walking, cooking, toilet-going and sleeping a challenge. At ARC you find everything you need for safely equipping your boat. Our teak handgrips ensure you a safe hold all over your ship; we also sell jetty steps, on-board steps, gangways, deck step solutions, pick hooks and other products for easier mooring and (dis)embarking. And to prevent your full inventory and utensils being shifted and thrown all over your boat when you are out, we also have door catches and locks for ocean-proof securing of your closets. In short: our boating accessories make your life on board safe and comfortable.

Buying flags online

You are obliged to fly a flag when you are out. Taking your boat abroad? Then it is an unwritten rule for you to hoist the flag of your host country. It is smaller than your own flag and is often hung from the mast. At ARC Marine you can buy your flags online. We have flags in all sorts and sizes. Varying from a standard 100x150 cm Dutch flag to 10x15 cm ‘geuzen’ flags. You can also buy signal flags at ARC Marine.

Teak flagpoles

ARC Marine has a wide range of flagpoles in teak and chrome versions. Teak gives a classical touch to especially sloops, classic sailing yachts or wooden motorboats. We have teak flagpoles in 40, 50, 100, 125 and 150 cm lengths. Do you prefer chrome? No problem. Our chrome flagpoles are provided with a base and railing mount and they come in 35, 50 and 80 cm lengths. 

Buying boating accessories online

At ARC Marine you find all you need for comfortable, safe and stylish enjoyment of the nautical way of life. You can buy our boating accessories online and we will arrange home or even on-board delivery.