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Table leg for boats

As space on board is often limited, it is not always easy to put in a (large) table. In such cases, a detachable table top may come in handy. It is easily removed and tucked away. You may decide for yourself which table leg to put underneath. On this page you find our range of table legs, each with its own fastening materials.

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Creating your own table

ARC Marine has teak table tops in various sizes, either in solid teak or teak veneer. The smallest item measures 65 x 35 centimetres, the largest 125 x 80 centimetres. We also have various table leg types available. Like telescopic, height-adjustable models, but also fixed table legs. Our selection of table tops and supports gives you the freedom to compose a table according to your design, layout and style.

Fixed table legs

The popular ARC Marine table leg 65 cm is ideal for use in cockpits or cabins. The leg itself is made of aluminium and comes with a stainless-steel floor base. Floor bases are also available as separate items to make it easy for you to move your table somewhere else. The leg also has a plastic mount on top for attaching it underneath the table top.

The ARC Marine table leg 66 cm is made of stainless steel and may be combined with an anodised sunk and/or build-on base. Here, too you may choose to use an additional sunk base to make it easy for you to move your table from or into your cockpit or cabin or vice versa.

Adjustable table legs

If you use a telescopic table leg you may easily adjust and set the height of your table top according to your own wishes. The ARC Marine telescopic table leg 48/70 cm is made of powder-coated aluminium and stainless steel and varies between 48 and 70 centimetres in height. This way you transform your dinner table into a drinks or coffee table in a jiffy. These adjustable table legs are designed for a wide variety of uses, so they are ideal for use on boats.

Steering column mounting kits

We also have kits composed of 2 stainless steel folding braces and 4 nylon mounting braces to attach your table leg to the steering wheel stand. Your table top can now be simply folded down when not in use. A folding table like this ensures you optimal use of your precious space on board.

Buy a table leg for your boat?

You may simply order a fixed or adjustable table leg for boats from our web shop. And of course you may also visit one of our dealers.