Glasses and water jugs

Drinking glasses and water jugs

On-board tableware needs to be impact-resistant. So on boats you are bound to find unbreakable drinking glasses being used. They are convenient not only on boats but also on campsites or at picnics. ARC Marine has unbreakable glasses and jugs by top brands Marine Business and Palm Products in its collection.

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Summer fun on the water

What can beat the enjoyment of a lovely summer day on the water with a nice bite and a refreshing drink? Where a drink admittedly looks way better when served in a nice glass, the use of glassware on boats unfortunately might not seem the best of ideas. We have a collection of fine synthetic glasses that are hardly distinguishable from the real stuff.

To fully enjoy a glass of especially champagne and wine you need a glass that fits the occasion. Our synthetic champagne and wine glasses for boats give an impression of luxury. We have a large collection of glasses in various materials, shapes and designs. And snacks may be served using fine ship’s tableware to match the occasion.

Marine Business: supreme-quality unbreakable glassware

Marine Business is known all the world over for its wide range of ship’s tableware, including unbreakable glasses. The collection contains champagne glasses, water glasses, wine glasses, water bottles and water jugs. Even stackable unbreakable glasses that are easily tucked away in your on-board cabinet.

Similar to our tableware, our glasses are available in a variety of designs and colours. We have Marine Business glasses from the collections below:

  • Bahamas
  • Coastal
  • Harmony
  • Living
  • Mare
  • Moon
  • Northwind
  • Pacific
  • Party
  • Regata
  • Sailor Soul
  • Sea Lovers
  • Welcome on Board

You may combine products within the same series to assemble a uniform whole, or mix & match from various series to get some degree of creativity. Our suggestion: Moon glassware makes a lovely match with Harmony tableware!

The unbreakable glasses and jugs are available in various materials: acrylic + polystyrene, polycarbonate, Tritan and Ecozen. Tritan is a very strong synthetic that looks like real glass. It is used for the Living, Pacific and Welcome on Board collections. Ecozen, a new, high-grade material is supremely impact-resistant and has a crystal-like look. This high-end material is used for the glassware in the Bahamas and Sailor Soul lines. 

Almost all items by Marine Business are dishwasher-proof.

Buy unbreakable drinking glasses or jugs?

Are you looking for unbreakable water glasses, champagne glasses or jugs for use on board? Then you will find ARC Marine the place to be. Fine synthetic glasses are simply ordered from our web shop. Or visit your nearest dealer.