Teakwood boat furniture: from director’s chair to folding table

ARC Marine is known worldwide for its wide range of teak furniture for use on board. Varying from director’s chair to folding table. Teak is the most durable type of hardwood and thanks to their smart design, ARC Marine boat furniture items tuck away easily in the cockpit chest. The supreme quality of ARC outdoor furniture makes it eminently suited for on-board use, rough as this may be at times. Of course, the chairs and tables can also be used in the garden and on a terrace.

Our products

Foldable chairs: director’s chairs and more

Watersport enthusiasts will stop at nothing for a good life on board, with comfort for its code word. Good chairs in the cockpit are essential heres. ARC has a wide range of foldable chairs: loungers, stools, folding chairs, helmsman's chairs and of course director's chairs. The latter can be folded compactly so that you always have enough seats on board to offer your guests a seat.

Cushions are also available in a variety of colors to cover the chairs. It is even possible to cover an ARC director's chair with leather.

Boat tables: folding tables for cockpits

Space on board is often limited. Yet you want to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. ARC Marine has a wide range of tables that are (in part) foldable. This space-saving boat furniture items leave you maximum freedom of movement on board. Our collection of ship’s tables includes:

Folding tables: because many of our cockpit tables are foldable they can easily be tucked away in your boat chest. Most tables also have two or three adjustable height positions. This way you can use them for dining or just for drinks.
Side tables: ARC Marine is also the place to go for smaller boat tables. These teak tables can easily be folded, moved and tucked away when not needed.
Table tops: ARC Marine has a wide range of table tops in many different sizes. In solid teak or teak finish. The last category is more lightweight than solid teak. A folding table top means still more freedom of movement on board. Table tops can even be used as cockpit table for steering positions. The table top is fixed to the steering position by way of folding braces (optional).
Table legs: table tops can be fixed to an ARC table leg. You can choose between a fixed or telescopic table leg. The leg can be positioned in a (built-in or built-on) base for easy positioning and removing. By installing more than one base, for instance inside and outside your cockpit, you will need just one table for inside and outside and vice-versa. 

Oiled or unoiled boat furniture?

You can choose between oiled and unoiled teak wood:
  • Oiled: oiled teak furniture has a luxurious look. Over time, the oil layer fades, but with ARC Marine teak oil you can reapply it yourself. Rain and seawater make the oil layer disappear faster. If you mainly use the furniture outside, we recommend that you choose unoiled.
  • Unoiled: Unoiled boat furniture has a natural look that works well everywhere. The advantage is that you do not have to maintain your chairs or table. Teak does gray over time. 

Want to buy teak furniture for the boat?

Teak boat furniture can be ordered quickly and easily in our webshop or go to your nearest dealer