Table tops

Table tops

Having a table top on board means additional comfort. A table top makes eating meals or playing a nice game with family or friends more pleasant. However, since cockpit or cabin space is often limited there just isn’t enough room for having a (large) table on board. In such cases a detachable table top may be a solution. Such tops namely are very easily moved or put away. Some tops even have foldable sides to increase table surface. Our table tops for boats are available in various sizes and materials.

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Solid teak or teak finish?

We have a collection of solid teak or teak-finished ship’s table tops.

Solid teak is wood-only and as such it is very strong and relatively heavy. This material is fully weather-resistant and easily cared for.

Teak finish is a thin layer of real teak glued onto MDF. A teak-finished table top is lightweight and therefore easily moved.

Multifunctional folding table tops

A folding table top is the ideal solution for those who have limited room but would nonetheless prefer to drink and eat in comfort. A fully unfolded table top makes for a dining-table spacious enough to accommodate several persons.

Our solid teak folding table top has a raised edge to prevent plates and glasses sliding off. And its ‘easy-to-clean’ corners obviously make it easy to clean your table top.

Table leg variants

Various legs are available for supporting your table top. We have height-adjustable telescopic table legs, but also fixed table legs made of aluminium.

The leg is inserted in an optionally available sunk or raised base and the table top is placed on the leg. If you mount a base in both cabin and cockpit you may use your table in more than one place.

Steering stand attachment

You may also attach a table top to your steering stand. We have a special steering stand attachment kits for this purpose. In that case you may just fold your table top down at times you do not use it. This is the ideal solution if you want to make optimal use of your cherished on-board space.

Buy a teak table top for your boat?

Just visit our web shop if you wish to order a space-saving table top for your boat. And of course you may also visit your nearest dealer.

Once you have selected your table top and support you may complete your seating arrangement by choosing comfortable and practical boat chairs.