The fine sight of a flag happily flying from the heck presupposes a flagpole of course. We have flagpoles in various sizes and materials for you to choose from. It depends on the type and style of your boat whether you choose a chrome or teak flagpole.

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Teak flagpoles

A teak flagpole adds a classical touch to your sloop, motorboat or sailboat. The flag is simply attached to the cleat.

Our teak flagpoles for boats are available in lengths varying between 40 and 150 centimetres. When you are looking for a ‘geuzen’ flagpole you will go for the shorter sizes. On top there are various diameters to choose from: ø 1.6 to ø 2.5 centimetres.

Teak is among the longest-lasting and most weather-resistant wood species. Unlacquered teak has a natural look and is virtually maintenance-free.

Chrome flagpoles

Flagpoles made of chromed brass provide a chic alternative for aluminium variants. We have a chrome flagpole for rail mounting and a flagpole with base in our collection. A fixed flagpole base is an easy way for you to position or remove your flagpole at any time. Lengths vary between 35 and 100 centimetres; diameters vary between ø 1.3 to ø 2.5 centimetres.

Which flagpole to choose for my boat?

The material you choose fully depends on your taste. Chrome flagpoles and bases generally do very well on modern boats. A teak flagpole adds a more classical touch to your boat. We always recommend choosing a flagpole that fits the type of your boat.

It is important that the size of your flag and flagpole are in harmony with your boat. A too small flag is a sorry sight; an oversized flag will be trailing in the water. Please consider that roughly 15% of the length of your flagpole extends from the hight of the flag you actually use.

There are various flagpole bases for positioning the flagpole on your boat. Take care that the diameters match. Do you have a ø 2.5-centimetre flagpole? Then you also need a ø 2.50-centimetre base.

Buy a flagpole base for your boat?

All our flagpole bases for boats come in fine designs and they are supreme-quality. Just order your water sports items online from our web shop or visit a nearby dealer.