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Tableware for ships and boats

Are you searching for fine tableware for your ship or boat? ARC Marine has a wide range of mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, dishes, cutlery and accessories especially for on-board use. We supply products by the prominent brands Marine Business, Barebones, Palm Products, Flamefield, 1800 and our own label of course.

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Marine Business: your brand for top-quality tableware for ships and boats

Founded in Barcelona in 1985, Marine Business specialises in producing nautical accessories for on-board comfort. The ship’s tableware of this Spanish brand is made of high-grade unbreakable melamine (a hard plastic variant) which is virtually undistinguishable from real earthenware. All products are lightweight and they conform to the highest quality standards.

They include dinner and breakfast plates, soup plates and matching bowls, coffee cups, mugs, serving dishes, snack sets, salad bowls and cutlery. All for bringing atmosphere to your on-board dinner table! Unbreakable glasses by Marine Business look like real glass. The champagne, wine and water glasses are stable at all times, thanks to their anti-skid base ring. Almost all utensils are dishwasher-proof.

The available collections each sport their own specific design which ranges from traditional to trendy. The well-known Regata tableware is decorated in style and suitable for all on-board occasions. As it is also fitted with an anti-skid base ring, this type is popular among owners of sailboats and yachts. The Northwind series have been a hit for many years as well.

Of course you are welcome to buy individual items out of a collection, but buying a 16- of 24-piece set would be a smart choice. This will secure you a proper basis and you will get a handy storage basket on top. Besides it will turn out cheaper as well. Of course sets may be extended by extra mugs or cutlery.

Enamel on-board tableware

The enamel Barebones tableware stands out for its beautiful design and dishwasher-proof quality. It is perfect for outdoor eating & drinking, on boats for instance. This brand also proposes a cutlery set and pocket knife.

Nautical tableware for kids

Especially for children we have the cheerfully coloured Flamefield tableware. This melamine set includes a plate, mug, bowl, knife and fork and is BPA-free. The products have no sharp edges or points that might injury the little one.

Planning to buy tableware for ships and boats?

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