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Bookcases and shelves

Space on board is often limited. ARC Marine has a varied collection of teak cases for putting away books, maps, charts and magazines while using the best of your available space. And of course they are also ideal for use in campervans or caravans.

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Space-efficient, secure and stylish storage

The limited space you have on board demands smart solutions for putting away loose items. Our wooden book, magazine, map and chart cases and shelves come in very handy. As they can be mounted to the wall they take up a minimal amount of space. Another advantage is that small objects are not thrown all over the boat during your trip. And not to forget: The teak used in the design produces a warm, nautical atmosphere and feel.

A fine combination with our other storage accessories

ARC Marine has many more wooden storage accessories apart from wooden magazine and book shelves and cases. Ranging from a glass holder and kitchen roll holder to a plate rack and binocular holder. They all enable you to put away things in a neat and orderly way. And they match perfectly to create a fine and complete boat interior.

Made from extremely long-life teak

All our cases and holders are made of supreme-quality teak with a neat finish. A long-life material that can ‘stand a beating’ and is therefore ideal to resist the sometimes rowdy conditions on board.

Buy a wooden chart, map, magazine or book case?

A visit to our web shop will do for ordering a wooden book or magazine shelf or case. But of course you can also visit one of our dealers in person.