Hatch rings

Hatch pull rings for boats

A hatch pull ring is indispensable when your boat is fitted with a hatch. It is a practical finger grip by which you can lift your hatch effortlessly. What’s more, your hatch will remain watertight as well.  

ARC Marine has hatch pull rings in various types and sizes. They are designed especially for use on board and may be flush-mounted to retain a beautiful and even hatch top.

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Chrome and brass hatch pull rings

At ARC Marine you find brass and chrome hatch pull rings. Brass hatch pull rings are typically used on classical ships. Their golden lustre lends a touch of beauty. 

Beautiful high-quality materials with a long life

Made especially for use on board, our hatch pull rings withstand the harsh conditions and impacts that are so common for boats. Materials used are corrosion-proof and bring beauty that lasts, even in salt water conditions.

The correct size to fit any boat hatch

ARC Marine has hatch pull rings in various sizes. It is important that the size of your ring is in harmony with your hatch surface. So we recommend that you measure up precisely before you buy one.

Hatch locks

We also have hatch pull rings fitted with a lock. With this convenient 2-in-1 product you can easily open your hatch and lock it securely in one go. The lock itself is flush-mounted to retain a beautiful even surface.

Buy a hatch pull ring for your boat?

A hatch pull ring for your boat is conveniently ordered from our web shop, but you can also visit your nearest dealer.