Ship's names

Ship’s names: nameplates & letters

A fine ship’s nameplate gives your boat its finishing touch. ARC Marine has a wide range of teak nameplates in varying types and sizes. In our online watersport store you will also find screw-on (chrome-plated) brass letters and numbers to attach to your nameplate. 

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Teak nameplates

At ARC Marine you find a variety of teakwood nameplates for attaching to your heck, superstructure of fore end. We have a straight nameplate in two sizes: 40x8 cm and 40x14 cm. In addition we have an elegant, classical wooden nameplate in four sizes: 47, 64, 92 and 127 cm. The size you need depends on factors like the length of your ship’s name or the place where you intend to position it. You can screw your ship’s name onto your nameplate using our separately available brass or chrome-plated letters

Apart from large ship’s nameplates we also have small (indication) shields and plates containing text like ‘Toilet’, ‘No Smoking’ and ‘Captain’. Would you rather have your own name engraved? Then choose our blank wooden nameplates. They come in various types and shapes. 

Make your own ship’s nameplate

You can easily compose your own ship’s nameplate. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose letter colour: make a choice between brass and chrome-plated brass. Brass letters are slightly more classic, chrome letters have a more modern feel.
  2. Choose the size of your letters & numbers: you can choose between 4 and 8 cm. Make sure your ship’s name fits the teak nameplate before attaching the letters.
  3. Choose a ship’s nameplate: do you prefer the classical or straight ship’s nameplate?
  4. Nameplate length: make sure your plate is large enough to contain your ship’s name and that the plate fits your intended position.
  5. Attach the screw-on letters: as ARC Marine letters and numbers are pre-drilled, you can easily screw them onto your nameplate. Ensure you distribute your letters in proportion and draw a pencil line for even, horizontal positioning and attachment of your letters.

ARC Marine: teak & more

At ARC Marine you find everything for a deluxe, comfortable feel of your boat. Varying from teak furniture and accessories to unbreakable ship’s tableware and outdoor cushions. We can assure you optimal enjoyment of the sailing season and your boat. All our products are available online, or from your watersport dealer.