Porthole windows

The product range of ARC Marine includes chrome and brass porthole windows in various diameters: Ø15.3 cm (6.0ʺ) – Ø26.4 cm (10.4ʺ) – Ø30 cm (11.8ʺ) – Ø47 cm (18.5ʺ) (outside dimensions). Our fine porthole windows come with bolt fasteners and a locking ring.

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Daylight and fresh air

On-board bedrooms are often equipped with a porthole. You can ventilate your room and ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air with a casement window. The other purpose of a porthole is to admit daylight into the room.


Apart from its functional function, a porthole may also be a true eye-catcher on your boat. The porthole windows of ARC Marine have a beautiful, traditional look.

Porthole window catch

In our product range you also find a porthole window catch. With a catch you may close and secure the window in rough conditions like towering waves and rain. This product is available in a chrome and a brass variant.

Buy a porthole window?

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