Toiletries accessories and cabinets

Put away your toiletries in an efficient and orderly way using wooden bathroom accessories by ARC Marine. They also create a deluxe nautical atmosphere. On board but also in your home. 

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Teakwood: Perfect for toiletries and bathroom accessories

Teakwood has properties that make it eminent for use in bathrooms. This solid hardwood species has a fine grain and high oil content which makes it well-resistant to fluctuations in moisture and temperature degrees. And it is a strong material that can take a beating so to say. Perfect for use on board and in small bathrooms where small items are bound to topple and fall.

Complete assortment

We have a wide range of wooden bathroom and toiletries accessories. All the way from soap dishes and towel rings to toothbrush holders and shower caddies. All products combine to make a fine whole. Small variations and adaptations instantly create an intimate, warm atmosphere.

More room for your toiletries

Go for the complete nautical bathroom feel and install a teak boat cabinet. Apart from making a fine sight it is also very convenient for putting away all your toiletries, medicines and other small items. We have cabinets with louvered or mirror doors or combinations of them.

Buy wooden bathroom or toilet accessories?

You may simply order your wooden toilet and bathroom accessories by visiting our web shop. Another obvious possibility is to physically visit one of our dealers in your neighbourhood.