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Navigation lights

Carrying reliable navigation lights on board improves your visibility at nights and reduces the risk of collision. In many cases navigation lights are even mandatory by law. ARC Marine has a collection of stern, masthead and side lights by Italian brand Foresti & Suardi.

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Safety in poor visibility on the water

Carrying navigation lights on board is indispensable on night trips. The same goes for situations of poor visibility due to fog, rain and/or other weather conditions. By carrying navigation lights you will be better visible, while other remote shippers can make out the direction you are going, which improves safety on the water.

When are navigation lights mandatory?

The law prescribes that you carry navigation lights on sailing trips between sunset and sunrise. Are you going on a sailing trip in daylight and is your view not obstructed by for instance fog or rain? Then you need not switch on your navigation lights. The type of on-board lights you require depends on the type and length of your boat.

What navigation lights do I need?

Navigation lights for boats are available in various models. Each type has its own prescribed colour, namely:

  • Masthead light: white
  • Stern light: white
  • Port light: red
  • Starboard light: green

Navigation lights are bound to various sets of rules, put down in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The Dutch regulations that apply to Rhine trips and navigation trips inside the Netherlands are contained in the ‘Rijnvaartpolitiereglement (RPD)‘ and the ‘Binnenvaartpolitiereglement (BPR)’.

The regulations that apply to motorboats differ from sailboat regulations. The length of your boat is another decisive factor for the type of lights you are required to carry.

Navigation lights for motorboats

  • Up to 7 metres: all-round white light (plus side lights for ships going more than 13 km/h)
  • 7 to 20 metres: masthead light, stern light and side lights
  • Over 20 metres: masthead light, stern light and side lights (plus two white flashing lights on top of each other for ships going more than 40 km/h)

Large motor vessels (> 20 m) are allowed to carry a second masthead light in addition to the lights mentioned above.

Navigation lights for sailboats

  • Up to 7 metres: all-round white light
  • 7 to 20 metres: stern light and side lights
  • Over 20 metres: stern light, side lights and two all-round lights positioned on top of each other (lower light green, upper light red, leaving 1 metre in between)

Our collection of navigation lights

At ARC Marine you find high-quality masthead lights, stern lights and side lights. We also have all-in sets in our collection, so that you will get all your mandatory navigation lights in one go. And for additional comfort we also have combination lights, like bicolour lights containing starboard and port lights in just one housing.

Buy navigation lights for your boat?

You may simply order navigation lights for your motorboat or sailboat from our online web shop. And of course our dealers will be very happy to welcome you in person.