Deck step

Deck steps and stairs

Getting on and off board presupposes a certain degree of alertness. ARC Marine has various practical accessories in its product range intended to make proceedings safer and more comfortable. Deck steps for instance, or jetty stairs.

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Deck step

If you install deck steps around the location where you usually get on board you will find it easier to embark. The ARC Marine deck step is made of high-grade teak and measures 29 cm. The flat, grooved step surface ensures robust feet support and a good grip that prevents slipping.

Jetty stairs

The difference in height between a jetty and your boat may make it a challenge to get on board. This difference in height may be bridged by using jetty stairs. This way it will be easier for you to embark and it reduces the risk of a false step. Teak jetty stairs often appear indispensable, especially when you must drag objects on board.

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Teak deck steps or jetty stairs are quickly and simply ordered from our online web shop, but your nearest dealer will also welcome your visit.