Life on board

Boat accessories for a comfortable life on board

ARC Marine has a large collection of boat accessories that make life on board even more pleasant. Varying from handy teak boxes to unbreakable Marine Business dinner services. We have a smart solution for any problem that crops up on board.

Our products

Teak storing boxes

People who want to enjoy the freedom of the water will have to make do with limited space. On board there is often less room to move. On top there are those many things needed on board for safe crossing and comfortable nautical conditions. Binoculars, navigation maps, equipment, sailing clothes, unbreakable dinner services, wine glasses and more. ARC Marine is known worldwide for its teak boxes and other teak accessories for neat, ocean-proof and stylish storage of all your tools and things. Teakwood cup holders for cabin and cockpit use, teakwood boxes for pens and compasses and other handy wooden accessories for use in the bathroom or galley.  

Bathroom accessories made of wood

Cramped on-board bathroom conditions call for handy teak bathroom accessories for neat and ocean-proof storage of all things. Like toilet roll holders, towel rings, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers and medicine chests. At ARC Marine you find wooden bathroom accessories that come in handy both on board and at home. Our nautical towels and floor mats give also the rest of your bathroom a maritime look.

Ship’s instruments by Barigo and Wempe

A fine set of chrome coloured or brass ship’s instruments adds just that little bit of extra gloss to your boat. At ARC Marine you find ship’s clocks, barometers and hygrometers by German brands Wempe and Barigo. But what use is in fact made of ship’s instruments?

• Barometer: a ship’s barometer answers the question: What’s today’s weather like? A barometer measures air pressure. The higher the air pressure, the finer the weather.
• Hygrometer: a hygrometer measures the degree of moisture in the air.
• Ship’s clock: ship’s clocks come in many variants, from classical brass to modern matt chrome. 

Are you planning to give someone a ship’s clock for a present? Our ship’s instruments come in a deluxe gift box. Just order your barometer, hygrometer and ship’s clock online from ARC Marine. 

Buying Marine Business unbreakable dinner and glass services online

Nothing matches the taste of a simple and hearty meal after a long sail, served on nautical dinner service. ARC Marine is official dealer of the well-known Marine Business dinner services. These services are unbreakable and have a nautical twist that makes you really feel at home when on board. Apart from melamine plates there are unbreakable glasses - like Tritan wine glasses - that cannot be distinguished from real glass. Elias kitchen towels complete the nautical look of your galley. These teacloths and handtowels are available in many - nautical - variants. 

Duvet covers and fitted sheets for use on board

Softly ticking stays, the sound of splashing water and a comforting swell make you drop off into a profound sleep. Sleeping on board is gorgeous, especially when your berth has been made with nautical bedlinen. Marine Business has a wonderful bedding collection containing duvet covers, fitted sheets, plaids and more. The fitted sheets come in varying shapes and sizes that match the unorthodox dimensions of boat mattresses. ARC Marine even has a fitted sheet suited for the extreme fore end of a boat.

Maritime decorative cushions, doormats & bags

Searching for single boat cushions for use in your sloop? Nautical decorative cushions for the cockpit? Or a handy railing cushion? ARC Marine makes your on-board life comfortable with its large collection of boating cushions, including many rain and spray-resistant outdoor cushions. Marine Business railing cushions can be tied to - indeed - the railing, to prevent them being blown off-board. We are also the place to be for nautical doormats, beach bags and picnic baskets. 

In short: everything for boats, ready for on-line ordering through our web shop.