Side tables

Side tables

On-board tables add comfort to your sailing-trip. As, regrettably, space on board is often limited there may be no room to bring in a large piece of furniture. In such a case an ideal solution could be a small, foldable side table that is easily moved away. ARC Marine has several fine, convenient side tables for you to choose from. Of course they are also fit for use in gardens and outdoor patios.

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Made of high-grade teak

All our side tables for boats are made of high-grade teak. Apart from looking great, this wood species also lasts, is easily cared for and withstands the harshest outdoor conditions on top. As it is extremely weather-resistant it is fit for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our teak side tables are available in an oiled and an unoiled variant. Oiled items radiate luxury but must be re-oiled at regular intervals to prevent colour fading. Do you intend to mainly use your table outdoors? In that case we would recommend choosing an unprocessed table. It requires little care and has a natural look that stands out fine in any environment. Teakwood, admittedly, turns greyish in the course of time. So would you wish to restore it to its warm colour? Then use Dulon products.

Various models

Side tables for boats are available in various shapes and sizes. We have round, oval, square and rectangular variants. Are you looking for a small side table? Then Little Venezia or Biarritz may be to your liking. The oval butler table and Venezia and Brest models are larger in size.

Butler table with detachable serving tray

A butler table adds a touch of luxury and is multifunctional. It combines a detachable serving tray and a stand. The stand-up edges of the tray prevent dinnerware from sliding off the table. By folding down these edges you create increased surface. Thanks to its foldable stand the table is easily put away. We have a round and an oval variant in our collection.

Side table and dining table in one

The multi-purpose ARC Marine Brest folding table enables you efficient use of your available space on board. This is because it can be converted into a dining table in the wink of an eye. By inserting the included intermediate section between the two separate tops, your table gains both height and length to enable you to dine in comfort. The table can be folded by separating and turning down the two table tops.

Buy a side table for your boat?

Teak side tables are quickly and simply ordered from our web shop, or during a visit to your nearest dealer.