Cushions & canvas

Cushions & canvas

ARC Marine director chairs enjoy worldwide popularity because of their superior quality, easy folding and supreme sitting comfort. Covers are separately available, which is ideal when you intend to replace cushions or canvases or just want to have other colours.

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Deluxe cushions

The deluxe cushions bring additional comfort for a relaxed seat on board. A cushion set contains a back and bottom seat and is available in various colours: black, white, blue, red, beige and green. So choice enough to find the perfect cushion to match your boat exterior and interior.

Although all our director chairs are fit for outdoor use we recommend removing the cushions when rain is coming. Cushions must also be removed to compactly fold the chairs.

Canvas covers

Our director chairs may also be covered with canvas. The advantage is that you need not remove it in conditions of rain or when you want to fold the chair compactly. Colour options are white, black, beige and navy. Choose a colour that matches your ship’s body and/or the upholstery of your benches.

Buy covers for director chairs?

You may simply order new cushions or canvases for your ARC Marine director chairs from our web shop. And of course you are also more than welcome for a visit to one of our dealers.