Waterproof outdoor cushions for water sports enthusiasts

Waterproof outdoor cushions are ideal for use in sloops, open motorboats or sailboats. The new collection of decorative waterproof outdoor cushions by Marine Business transforms your cockpit feel in a split second. Of course these practical outdoor cushions are very suitable for use on loungers or in gardens as well. Or campsites! Marine Business waterproof outdoor cushions come in various colours, variants and sizes.

Waterproof outdoor cushions for water sports enthusiasts

Robust cushions fitted with a strong line for rail attachment

In our collection you find products like robust square waterproof outdoor cushions in size 40 x 40 cm (15.75ʺ x 15.75ʺ) fitted with a strong line. You can attach the line to the top rail or edge of the boat to prevent the cushion sliding overboard. These cushions come in sets of two and are available in six colours: sand, beige, brown, aqua, navy blue and grey.

Large and small waterproof outdoor cushions

Just as stylish and robust, yet not fitted with a line is our range of waterproof cushions that come in sets of two. They contain a large and a small cushion in sizes 30 x 40 cm (11.8ʺ x 15.75ʺ) and 60 x 40 cm (23.6ʺ x 15.75ʺ). These nautical cushions are available in four different colours: aqua/white, grey/white, beige/white and navy/white.

Waterproof cushions: simple cleaning and maintenance!

Waterproof cushions resist wear-and-tear and are easily kept in good condition. A shower of rain or a tipped wine glass is no problem to them. Thanks to the stain- and water-repellent covers the cushion filling will stay dry in all conditions. Fabrics are ultra UV-resistant and therefore ideal for use on board! Cleaning outdoor cushions is easy with a damp cloth or washing machine set at 30 degrees. Ideal for a day out on the water!

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