Ibiza bedlinen by Marine Business

The beautiful Marine Business ‘Ibiza’ bedlinen collection is a true adornment of any on-board bedroom or berth compartment. Ibiza bedlinen is decorated with a stylish nautical coral motif in various shades of blue and beige. Beautiful, quiet colour tones that in themselves make fine matches already. In the Ibiza textile collection you will also find deluxe bathroom textiles and various cushions to match; all in the same nautical style. All Ibiza bedlinen is available in a single and double version.

Ibiza bedlinen by Marine Business

Deluxe bedlinen for use on boats or at home

The deluxe Ibiza bedlinen collection by Marine Business is made of fine, high-grade materials. The bedlinen comes in two colours: dark blue and white. Apart from duvet covers, fitted sheets, top sheets and pillow covers, the Ibiza bedlinen collection also includes a fine quilted bedspread. This quilt may be used for decoration on top of an already made bed for instance. But it is also very comfortable and convenient for use in chilly evenings and nights.

The fine Ibiza quilt and duvet covers are made of 100% sustainable cotton. The blankets have alternative faces in white or dark blue, to use as you please. This way you can instantly give your bedroom an entirely new look!

Decorating with cushions

The matching nautical cushions from the Marine Business ‘Ibiza’ collection instantly give your cockpit interior a full twist. Ibiza cushions are available in dark blue and white and in two sizes. Each of these cushions also has a practical waterproof variant. These waterproof cushions are ideal for outdoor use, or for use on boats.

Ibiza in your bathroom

You may even bring the summerlike Ibiza style to your bathroom! In the Marine Business ‘Ibiza’ collection you also find matching handtowels, bathing towels and a deliciously soft bathing mat with an anti-slip base. And you can choose your favourite colour as ell: dark blue to match your bedlinen, or beige with an orange coral motif.

Elastic sheets that fit the size of any boat mattress

ARC Marine has a wide choice of special fitted sheets for irregular boat mattress sizes. These elastic fitted boat sheets by Marine Business are available in ecru, blue and white.

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