Unbreakable melamine tableware for boats by Marine Business

Looking for fine tableware? ARC Marine has a large collection of unbreakable plates, mugs, glasses, bowls, dishes, cutlery and accessories especially for water sports enthusiasts. Marine Business is a Spanish brand which specialises in the production of unbreakable melamine tableware of supreme quality. Melamine tableware is lightweight and cannot be distinguished from genuine earthenware. What’s more: these synthetic services are made of BPA-free melamine that lasts. This means that no toxic chemical substances were used and that all these materials are safe for food consumption purposes.

Unbreakable melamine tableware for boats by Marine Business

Tableware for a festive table on board

Fine, impact-resistant tableware! Convenient items for use on board. In our Marine Business tableware collections you will find everything you need for a cosy and festive table on your boat or a nice day out on the water with your sloop. We have unbreakable glasses, dinner plates, breakfast plates or soup plates, but also bowls, coffee cups, mugs, serving dishes, small dishes or salad dishes with cutlery to match. Items are often stackable, so they are easily stored on board. At ARC Marine you may order separate items of unbreakable Marine Business tableware, so you may compose your own, fully individual dinner service according to your own taste and preference.

Tableware for all personal tastes

Varying from traditional to trendy, there is boat tableware to please all personal tastes. With a nautical, maritime, neutral or rather a stylish Ibiza look; there is unbreakable tableware in a wide range of designs for all individual preferences and tastes, like:

  • Regata tableware: boat tableware decorated in style with nautical flags and suitable for any occasion on board. What’s more, Regata tableware is fitted with an anti-slip base to ensure stability at all times. This makes this dinner service a favourite with sailors. https://arcmarine.eu/zoeken?q=regata
  • The Northwind series: this blue-and-white tableware is characteristic for its maritime compass rose decoration. Northwind newcomers include handy storage boxes and vacuum flasks.
  • Pacific: boat tableware especially designed for water sports enthusiasts who have a classical and elegant taste. With its compass rose decoration in beige, navy blue and shades of white, this melamine tableware is indispensable for creating a stylish table. Pacific tableware may also be complemented by matching wine glasses, water glasses, soft drinks glasses and champagne glasses. 
  • Summer: This graceful, neutral tableware is available in a variety of colours on the insides and a white outside appearance as standard. Newcomers in the Summer collection include new colour variants, snack sets and salad dishes with cutlery to match.
  • Sailor Soul: fine tableware in nautical dark blue- and-white, stylishly decorated with an anchor. Sailor Soul tableware has many components ranging from dinner plates to espresso cups, so it can be used to create a complete dinner table.
  • Coastal: Tableware for boats playfully decorated with a turquoise coral motif encircled by fish. There are matching waterproof tablecloths optionally available for this collection. 
  • Mare: The glasses in this tableware collection are made of Ecozen, a new high-end material presumed to be the ultimate in producing impact-proof synthetic glassware that looks like genuine crystal. Glasses are decorated with a stylish coral motif in aqua blue. There are matching plates, mugs and storage boxes available. This series also includes options like Ibiza bedlinen, cushions and pillows to match.
  • Harmony tableware: The solid colours of the Harmony tableware line by Marine Business give it a neutral look. All colours may be combined individually for a personal touch in your table arrangement. Lagoon-coloured items make an excellent combination with both the silver- and sand-coloured versions. The plates look like genuine porcelain thanks to the use of subtly structured material and a classically ornamented rim.

All-in 16- or 24-component tableware in storage basket to serve 4 or 6 persons

A day out on the water just is not complete without a properly stuffed cool box and picnic basket! Unbreakable tableware by Marine Business is also available in all-in 16- or 24-component tableware sets to serve 4 or 6 persons. All-in tableware sets are cheaper and come with a convenient, stylish storage bag provided with a carrying strap and zip. This storage bag may also be used as a picnic basket. An ideal solution for enjoying a day out on the water with your sloop or a beach picnic! Of course you may complement these tableware sets yourself by adding unbreakable glasses. The 16-component Coastal tableware set contains 4 dinner plates, 4 soup plates, 4 breakfast plates and 4 mugs all decorated with a cheerful turquoise nautical ocean motif. The Coastal tableware set is also available in a 24-component version to serve 6 persons.

Unbreakable wine glasses, soft drinks glasses and champagne glasses with an authentic crystal look

An on-board drink will turn out even nicer when you use fine glassware to propose your toast! The look of unbreakable glasses by Marine Business can hardly be distinguished from real glass. Options are unbreakable wine glasses, champagne glasses, soft drinks glasses and water glasses. In several collections, glasses have an anti-slip base ring for stability at all times. The glasses in the Living collection are made of Tritan, a very robust, unbreakable, scratch-resistant synthetic with the additional advantage of being dishwasher-safe. The new stackable water glasses and wine glasses in the Sailor Soul collection are made of Ecozen. This new high-end material figures among the best for producing synthetic glassware. The material is extremely shockproof and has a crystal-like look.

NEW! Bahamas glassware: serving water in style

In the new Bahamas series by Marine Business you find unbreakable items for serving a refreshing glass of water in style on a hot day. What’s more, this glassware is impact- and scratch-resistant. The glass looks so real that you can hardly believe it’s unbreakable. This refined glassware range consists of a transparent water jug and water bottles and wine glasses in colours clear and turquoise. True ornaments in any table arrangement! Bottle content is 1 litre. The glasses are made of Ecozen; an impact-resistant material with a genuine crystal look. The 2.5-litre water jug makes a fine sight on any table and is ideal for use on board or in gardens.

BPA-free melamine tableware for boats

Are you looking for BPA-free melamine tableware for boats? All unbreakable melamine table items by Marine Business are BPA-free and fully dishwasher-safe. Take note: you are advised to put unbreakable glasses in your upper dishwasher compartment. If not, small cracks may appear on the glass surface as lower compartments of dishwashers tend to get too hot.

Windproof ashtrays

Other items ideal for use on board are the stainless steel, windproof ashtrays by Marine Business. These ashtrays were designed for outdoor use specifically. The windproof lid is made of stainless steel and prevents ashes from escaping and soiling your boat. The patent-leather fabric contains a decorative printed wind rose. The weight of the ashtray keeps it firmly in place. And there is the anti-slip base that prevents it from gliding from any (table) top or surface. The ashtrays are available in five patent-leather and two suede colours.

Unbreakable melamine tableware for boats by Marine Business