Barebones Forest new version

Barebones is an American outdoor brand that supplies high-quality products for more outdoor convenience and comfort. On board, too, Barebones products come in very handy. In addition to the Barebones cooler bags, our product range also includes the Barebones lights. One of the best-selling among them is the Barebones Forest, which was upgraded this year.

Barebones lamp

Barebones Forest table lamp

The Barebones Forest is an atmospheric outdoor lamp with a vintage look. The lamp is fitted with a handle for easy moving and repositioning. Its in-built LED light is dimmable, so that the Forest may be used as an atmosphere enhancer, but also as a directing light. The Forest can be charged using the USB-cable and it can subsequently burn wirelessly for as long as 80 hours (in lowest position). The Barebones Forest had been included in our range for quite some time, but is has been upgraded since early this year. Below you will find the most important improvements:

  •  >The new Barebones Forest has a fully transparent lamp glass, resulting in better light output.
  •  >It has an improved push-turn switch for fully variable and even more accurate dimming.
  •  >The enclosed micro USB charging cable now measures 1 metre, which is longer than the one supplied with the former Forest.
  •  >The Barebones Forest comes in an environment-friendly packing made of recycled cardboard.
  •  >The charging function for small equipment like a mobile telephone has been discontinued on the new Forest.

The Forest is available in black with bronze touches and in Lighthouse Red. Apart from the Forest our range also includes the Barebones Beacon, which is more compact and fitted with a carbine hook for suspending the Beacon from the sprayhood for instance. Its colour range is bronze, red and copper.