Tip for a stylish and comfortable decoration of your boat!

Do you happen to own a dinghy, motor- or sailing boat? We offer very stylish and comfortable signal flags cushions to decorate your boat. Next to the very nice looks, they give your decoration a meaning as well!

pillows for on board

In the past, ships communicated with each other by means of signal flags. A longer message was sent out by combining these flags. The codes are still up-to-date, but mostly modern means of communication are being used today.

The following individual codes are shown on the decorative pillows from ARC Marine.

5900F: I am disabled, communicate with me.

5900M : My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water.

5900T : Keep clear of me.

5900V : I require assistance.

5900C : Affirmative.

5900W : I require medical assistance.

5900N : Negative.

The decorative cushions are supplied with a filling and can be combined nicely with each other.