Patio chairs for hotel and catering environments

Did you know we also have patio chairs for hotel and catering? Our director seats and bar stools are found in and outside well-known beach clubs along the Dutch Noordwijk shores and in hotels and cruise ships in Europe and beyond. ARC chairs are favourites among caterers on account of their quality and comfort, plus the service we provide. So are you looking for patio chairs for your restaurant or hotel without the inconvenience of care and storage? Then contact us without any obligation.

Patio chairs for hotel and catering environments

Deluxe patio chairs for hotel and catering environments: teak director seats

Although ARC Marine is known in the water sports market in the first place, we have also been invited to supply teak director seats and bar stools for household, garden, hotel and (outdoor) bar use. Are you looking for deluxe wooden seats for your catering or hotel environment? Then see our collection of director chairs.

Advantages of ARC director chairs for your outdoor terrace or patio:

  • Teak director chairs add allure and a notion of hospitality to your outdoor terrace.
  • Teak is a hardwood species that lasts and withstands varying weather conditions.
  • Since our director chairs are foldable you can easily empty your outdoor terrace and store them.
  • Covers and upholstery for our chairs are available in any fabric and colour you prefer.
  • You may also arrange for your fabrics to be embroidered or provided with your own brand name or logo.
  • Our short lines with the manufacturer make it possible for us to supply large quantities of chairs fairly quickly.
  • Are you looking for customised chairs for hotel and catering purposes? This is another possibility at ARC Marine.

Apart from director chairs we also have teak bar stools for catering purposes. They come in various heights and models. Another possibility is to order customised bar stools made to measure. Ask us for possibilities.

Patio seats and chairs for the hotel and catering industry, including storage and maintenance

ARC Marine prefers to provide you best-in-class service. This also applies to (outdoor) terrace or patio chairs for the hotel and catering industry. If you wish we may service and store your chairs and so take the strain away from you when the high season is over. And we will deliver your chairs like new to your doorstep as soon as the outdoor season starts again.

Do you have any questions about our outdoor and patio chairs for the hotel and catering industry? Then do not hesitate to contact us for advice without any obligations involved.

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