About teak

Teak is one of the most widely-used hardwood species, which goes for watersports as well. With its virtual absence of shrink, the wood is extremely resistant to temperature fluctuations. Teak itself is slightly greasy, contributing to its water-resistant qualities. Because of its various important aspects teakwood is classified according to international durability category I. Still, this does not guarantee that all teakwood products have been ‘tarred with the same brush’, so to speak. 

Teak chair

Best quality according to ITTO-standards

There are various wood qualities that especially determine its warp en durability. ARC Marine only imports the very best quality from government-controlled plantations in South-East Asia. This means minimal wood irregularities like knots, knars, tears and resin pockets. These quality aspects are attested by the Netherlands Centrum Hout (timber centre), independent and objective information agency for the timber industry. And of course we also conform to the international ITTO-standards.