Cosy lamp Pintac wood

Human Comfort Cosy Lampe Pintac

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The Pintac wood is an asset to any boat, garden or roof terrace. Therechargeable lamp with its elegant round shape offers a warm light in threedifferent strengths. Characteristic for the Pintac wood is the bluetooth speaker(10W) with excellent sound quality. It's easy to link with a smartphone this wayand play some favorite tunes.It is possible to connect several of these lamps toeach other. The USB cable to charge the Pintact wood is included (excluding adapter).


Marke Human Comfort
Artikelcode 10228
Farbe Blau
Durchmesser 22 cm
Höhe 23 cm
Gewicht 1780 g
Bluetooth Lautsprecher Ja
Ladezeit 4 - 5 Stunden
Brenndauer 4 - 5 Stunden
Batterie 2000 mAh
Lumen 33-100 Lumen


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